NHRI technology, “Induction of Stem Cell-derived Exosomes for Disease Treatment” available for technology licensing (exclusive license), 2020/08/17


NHRI technology, “Induction of Stem Cell-derived Exosomes for Disease Treatment” (abbreviated as “The Technology”) available for technology licensing (exclusive license).


The Technology is to use induced stem cell-derived exosomes, instead of stem cells, as regeneration medicine. The invention is a method of inducing stem cells to release exosomes carrying essential molecules for the stem cell properties. The induced stem cell exosomes can be used as regeneration medicine and have been proven effective in treating brain injury and in inducing tissue regeneration in pre-clinical animal models.
Patents have been filed in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (GB) and Japan (JP). A patent has been granted in Taiwan (ROC). Potential licensee with experience in new drug development and clinical trial is welcomed.

Potential licensee qualifications

  1. Be incorporated and approved by law and does not have any record of misconduct or conviction for any offense;
  2. Has related experience, skills for developing The Technology and sales channel;
  3. Has experience of international collaboration and clinical trial;
  4. Be willing to provide long-term investment or be able to bring in raise capital.

The application

Potential licensee meeting the above qualifications, please fill out the “Licensing Proposal (attachment II)” and send the application through both mail (hard copy) and email to Mr. Shih-hai Wang before Aug.31, 2020. (Address: Technology Transfer and Incubation Center, National Health Research Institutes, 35 Keyan Road, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County 35053, Taiwan, R.O.C.; E-mail:sea99@nhri.org.tw)
Additional information may be required by NHRI upon request.

Other information

We, NHRI reserve the right to modify and terminate this announcement.


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