Technology Available for Industry-Academia Collaboration or Technology Licensing. “Opioid Receptor Allosteric Modifier: DBPR116” (2021/1/28)


Title: NHRI technology, “Opioid Receptor Allosteric Modifier: DBPR116” (abbreviated as “The Technology”) available for industry-academia collaboration or technology licensing.

Description: The Technology relates to antagonist-to-agonist allosteric modifiers (AAM) of a mu-opioid receptor (MOR) for treating an opioid receptor-associated condition. In the presence of this unique AAM (DBPR116), MOR could be selective activated by general opioid antagonist naloxone or naltrexone, and produces antinociceptive effect without developing severe side effects in vivo. In combination with naltrexone (1 mg/kg), the median effective antinociceptive dose (ED50) of the AAM in mouse model of acute thermal pain is lower than 10 mg/kg (i.v.). DBPR116 is a crystalline solid with acceptable maximum tolerate dose (MTD > 40 mg/kg) in rodents.

Potential collaboration partner qualifications: (1) be incorporated and approved by law and does not have any record of misconduct or conviction for any offense (2) better to have related experience and skills for developing The Technology (3) better to have experience of international collaboration and clinical trial (4) better to be ready to invest or be able to raise the funds

Registration: Please contact to Ms. Wan-Ping Hsieh or Ms. Wen-Chuan Hsieh (Address: Technology Transfer and Incubation Center, National Health Research Institutes, 35 Keyan Road, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County 35053, Taiwan, R.O.C., Tel: +88637-206166#33227/33209, E-mail: ;

Other: (1) If The Technology has been exclusively licensed, this announcement will automatically invalid. (2) NHRI retains the right to modify and terminate this announcement. (3) For detailed status of The Technology, please contact to the case officer.

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