Technology Available for Industry-Academia Collaboration or Technology Licensing. “Taiwan Polycystic Kidney Disease”(2023/7/10)

Technology Available for Industry-Academia Collaboration or Technology Licensing. “Taiwan Polycystic Kidney Disease”

Date: 2023.7.10


NHRI technology, “Taiwan Polycystic Kidney Disease” (abbreviated as“The Technology”) available for industry-academia collaboration or technology licensing.


Autosomal Dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is the most common inherited adult kidney disease. Although ADPKD is primarily caused by PKD1 and PKD2, the identification of several novel causative genes in recent years has revealed more complex genetic heterogeneity than previously thought. To study the disease-causing mutations of ADPKD, a total of 920 families were collected and their diagnoses were established via clinical and image studies by Taiwan PKD Consortium investigators. Disease-causing mutations were identified in 634 families (68.9%) by detection of 364 PKD1, 239 PKD2, 18 PKHD1, 7 GANAB, and 6 ALG8 pathogenic variants. 162 families (17.6%) had likely causative but non-diagnostic variants of unknown significance (VUS). A single PKD2 p.Arg803* mutation was found in 17.8% (164/920) of the cohort in Taiwan.

We are soliciting companies for industry- academia collaboration related to ethnic genes in Taiwan cohort.

3.Potential collaboration partner qualifications:

(1)     be incorporated and approved by law and does not have any record of misconduct or conviction for any offense

(2)     better to have related experience and skills for developing The Technology

(3)     better to have experience of international collaboration and clinical trial

(4)     better to be ready to invest or be able to raise the funds


Please contact to Ms. Wan-Ping Hsieh (Address: Technology Transfer and Incubation Center, National Health Research Institutes, 35 Keyan Road, Zhunan Town, Miaoli County 35053, Taiwan, R.O.C., Tel:+88637-246166 # 33227, E-mail:


  • If The Technology has been exclusively licensed, this announcement will automatically invalid.
  • NHRI retains the right to modify and terminate this announcement.
  • For detailed status of The Technology, please contact to the case officer.



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