Spot Light of Recent Invention (2024/06/01)


  1. BPR5K230/ Small Molecule AXL and MERTK Dual Kinase Inhibitor as Anticancer and Immunomodulatory Agent
  1. DBPR117/ A Monoclonal Antibody Targeting RSPO3/Wnt Signaling – Mediated Tumorigenesis
  1. DBPR728/ A Kinase Inhibitor Targeting MYC Driven Cancers- A precision medicine strategy for cancers
  1. DBPR807/ A CXCR4-Targeted Antagonist- Therapeutic Application of CXCR4 Antagonist DBPR807 Combined with Sorafenib in HCC
  1. DBPR22998/ A Potent QPCTL (IsoQC) Inhibitor Targeting CD47-SIRPα Axis for Cancer Immunotherapy
  1. NTSR1Ab/A novel antibody-drug conjugate (ADC)
    targeting cancers expressing neurotensin receptor 1 (NTSR1)


  1. Method and composition for decreasing the psychotomimetic side effect and addictive disorder of ketamine
  1. BPR1M492/ A MOR/NOP Dual Agonist as a Safe Pain Killer- Novel and Fast Acting Opioid Analgesic
  1. DBPR116/ An Antagonist-to-Agonist Allosteric Modulator- Pain Relief Agent with Limited Side Effects of Opioids
  1. Cutting Alzheimer’s Risk by 45%: Explore Our Innovative Pharmaceutical Combination Therapy


  1. A broad-spectrum pneumococcal vaccine
  1. FLIPr-Mediated Antigen Targeting to Dendritic Cells


  1. Novel Therapeutic Inducible Exosome (iExo) Platform for Regenerative Medicine